28 February 2010

Tarte Barn Sale

There was no better way to jumpstart my way out of my winter funk than to go to Cindy's barn sale yesterday...!!!! What a wonderful treat for the eye and the senses... Lisa and I had so much fun taking in all the beauty and inspiration, and loved visiting with the many friends who stopped by! I will let the pictures speak for themselves....

(Joy and I goofing around... no inhibitions!!)

26 February 2010

My published friends!

It is sooooooooo much fun seeing my friends featured in some of our best and most popular magazines!!!! If you have been around me for a while you know I love these guys and I have posted often about them... Heather did such a wonderful job capturing the essence of Barn House living, the article is beautifully written and the pictures keep you dreaming...

Even my friend Lisa made into the magazine, in a picture with Dexter, the cow.... (as did my friends Laurie and Debbie, from Worthy Goods and sweet Natalie, from Sparrow)!!!! Another featured friend in FMS was the ever so talented Cindy, her Tarte barn sales are always such an amazing event, and that is where I am headed tomorrow!!! Cindy will be in great company, with Joy from Auntie Joy, Karen from Amusements and Kelli!!

I will be back soon with pictures of tomorrow's sale, but before I end I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Kim, whose blog, Mimi Charmante, was featured in the latest Romantic Homes magazine dedicated to all things French!!! Kim, you so deserve that honor, your blog is awesome and YOU are awesome!!!!

(BH and Tarte pictures from my files)

25 February 2010

Objets trouvés

I feel like I have been a big lazy bum, lately.... I've been struggling to get even the simplest of tasks done, and have been lacking motivation to be productive!! While I have at least been able to keep my kids fed, clean and transported to and from all their sports activities, I feel like I need to get out of this winter funk (Expo is next weekend and I am sooooooo ill prepared!)!! I haven't even had the urge to go junking.... What's wrong with me, geeeeez??!!! Here are my latest finds (some not so recent but new to you)...

I love, love love these new fabrics I just bought, they are from a collection called Rouenneries by French General for Moda!!

... But  my most unusual find has to be this Hershey Kiss.... Life is full of surprises, isn't it...?!!

22 February 2010

Our exciting summer plans...!!

I am in the process of planning our summer vacation, and am giddy with excitement!! We are heading back to Portugal this summer to spend 3 weeks with my family...!! It will have been a looooong two years since our last visit (we used to go every year, but as the family grew it became financially difficult to do so), and I know my mom is as anxious as we are!! When we lived in England and Morocco, I became spoiled with frequent visits both ways, but living so far now makes it hard to travel and so these visits are that much more special...

As I was growing up, I would find myself  traveling extensively with my parents. My dad, as a toy wholesaler, was always on the road, so I have very fond memories of the many places we visited. I wanted my kids to get that "bohemian" bug from me, I wanted them to grow up exposed to different travel experiences and with an appreciation for cultural differences. So, we have always traveled everywhere with them. We made a decision, a few years back, to take four or five days out of our extended stays in Lisbon to make small trips to other European cities... Last time we were there, we took off to London, and during the visit before that we actually drove to Paris and took the kids to Euro Disney....

So, it was no surprise when the girls came to me and said they wanted to go to Italy, this year!! Italy, it is!!! We will fly to Rome, spend a couple of days there, then take the train to Venice and spend another day and a half, before returning to Lisbon. Our vacation planning sparked many wonderful memories, as Mark and I spent our two week honeymoon in Italy, seventeen years ago... With only our first and last nights booked (in Milan and Rome, respectively), we rented a car and traveled where our hearts desired, including Verona, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Padova, Portofino, San Gimignano and, of course, my favorite place, Venice!


San Gimignano


The view from our hotel room....!!!!!

As my children grow older, I know they will appreciate our travels together that much more... They are able to remember better, and just hearing them relive our fun times together is a gift in its own.... As for me, these are the special times I treasure the most, nothing brings me more happiness than spending time with my family and sharing new experiences as we explore this wonderful world of ours... !!!
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