30 January 2009

My baby turns 6!!

My baby turns 6, today!! A day of celebration!! Having a boy after 3 girls has truly been an adventure, and a very humbling experience for this mom who, with 3 children under her belt, felt experienced and confident and thought she was prepared for anything... Today, I am grateful for my little sunshine, for this bundle of energy, who keeps me on my toes and never bored, who makes us all laugh, who makes us pull our hair out, who keeps us wondering how in the heck do genetics work...

Today is a day for good thoughts!! So, for today, I will try to forget how truly painful it was to deliver a 10 lbs 2 oz baby "au naturel", with no pain medication....

... For today, I will repress the memories of that time when he decided to give my carpet a shampoo treatment or when he took it upon himself to add that certain "zing" to his bedroom...

... or when his scientific endeavors caused a clogged toilet and a subsequent flood downstairs, which forced my husband to remove the toilet and crawl under the house to remove an airplane stuck in the pipes...

... or the day when he turned the water on in the laundry room's sink (upstairs) just before we left the house for two hours...

... or the time when the neighbor came to warn us that he was dancing on top of my car butt naked... No big surprise, since Alex spent half of his toddler years butt naked (inside of the house and out)...

... For today, I will try not to think of that day, when he was three, and he actually drove my car, backing it onto the porch at the local antique mall!! Still to this day I can't figure out how he managed to take the car key away from me, get in the driver's seat, turn the key on and back the car onto the covered porch... All of this in just about one minute!!

... Of course we just about forgot all those trips to the emergency room...

Yes, today is my son's birthday!! And I am no longer thinking about this morning, when we revealed to him his grand present, a brand new bicycle, waiting for the squeals of delight, only to be met with an empty glare and a "it's too big for me!", as he turned his back and walked away...

Today I am trying to laugh at all those things that have made me cry, scream, run.... What a true joy it is to have this little boy in my life!!! Never a dull moment, never short of stories to tell the grandparents, never missed photo ops...!!

Yes, today my baby turns 6... Measured in white hairs, it is the equivalent of 60!!! But, what a trip it has been!! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! I love you, Alex, will you stay my baby forever??!!

27 January 2009

Fun makeovers and a blog party!!

I finally finished my dresser makeover and I love the results!! This is what it looked like just a few days ago....

... and this is what is looks like today!!

First, I painted it a cream color, then I picked a gorgeous American Folk and Fabric piece I've had for years and went to work! The plan was to back the fabric with a fusible web, to make it a little sturdier and less likely to fray, and then glue it to the front of the drawers... But then, as I read the fusible web instructions, I realized that I could actually fuse the fabric directly onto the wood! So, the fabric was fused to the front of the wood drawers!! I just love the way it turned out!!

I also finished covering the seat of an old wicker chair with a gorgeous vintage barkcloth.

Finally, I added some vintage paper to this radio frame I got at an auction... I really like how it turned out! This would be a great piece to use as a niche, for candles or other decorative pieces.

As I was doing the collage, I came across this old newspaper illustration... I knew there was something someone forgot to tell me years ago when I started having children!!

I have a really good recipe to share with you, this is a family favorite and I love it because it is super easy to make!! I hope you will try it!


2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 egg
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts (I just place a handful of walnuts in a sandwich bag and whack it with a rolling pin!)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all the ingredients until blended. Pour batter onto a greased and floured loaf pan and bake for about 1 hour or until inserted toothpick comes out dry. Remove from pan and cool on wire rack. Yummy!!

I also wanted to share some exciting news with the NW bloggers... Joy, Lisa, Martha and I are hosting a party at Joy's house on Saturday, Feb. 7th, between 11am and 4pm!! We are so anxious to meet and revisit with bloggers, all are invited (even if you don't have a blog!!), it will be great to put a face to the name!! There are a couple of classes where you can learn to make crowns or valentines, if you are interested (there is a small fee for supplies - go to Martha's blog for more info), or you can just come and hang out with us! We hope you can make it!

Finally, I wanted to thank Lisa at Antiques and More Blog for the award she bestowed on me!! This Lemonade Stand Award stands for attitude/gratitude... I sure am truly grateful to be surrounded by such awesome people who always brighten my days!! Thank you so much, Lisa!!

23 January 2009

New finds, new looks, new members!!

I found this shabby medecine cabinet at Expo, last year... It was a great price and I figured I could resell it! I had it in my booth for a few months but it didn't sell, so one day I brought it home so I could have room to put newer things in the booth. It's one of those items you wonder how it hasn't sold yet, it is so darn cute!! One day, I was cleaning the kids bathroom, and I realized that the puny little (new) medicine cabinet above the toilet was not big enough for the girls' ever increasing arsenal of cosmetic stuff!! It hit me! The chippy green cabinet!! I love it! There has been a few instances before where I have had something for sale, and eventually I figure out that actually I do have a perfect place for it (and then I am happy it didn't sell before!!). Does that happen to you...?

I also wanted to share some of my latest vintage finds! A friend of ours was having a retirement sale at her shop, and I was very excited to find a pair of vintage cast iron lamps at an awesome price!

I have been wanting a pair of large glass S & P shakers and finally found them at a thrift store (it's hard to see, but they are quite large!)

At a local flea market I found a vintage garment bag...

... a black beaded bag and a cream crochet bag...

... and on a trip to Monticello I found this adorable jar with handpainted roses... I want to put candy in there but I am afraid I will eat it all!!

Today I finished a makeover, do you remember this wicker bench I found at a thrift store?

I gave it the shabby treatment with some spray paint and vintage fabric!

I've also started the transformation to this dresser, someone had the unfortunate idea to paint a perfectly good cream dresser this green... I'll share the transformation on my next post!!

Finally, let me just gloat for a little bit... My two oldest daughters were inducted yesterday into the National Junior Honor Society!! This prestigious organization invites students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.65 or more and who demonstrate leadership and commitment to the community, and is one of the highest academic honors avalilable to middle schoolers!! They will be required to do at least 5 hours of community service every trimester. My oldest daughter Anna had been invited to join last year, but at that time she didn't think it was "cool"... I'm glad she changed her mind! We are very proud of them!!

20 January 2009

Miracle of the Roses

Isabel of Portugal, born July 4th, 1271, was the daughter of Pedro III of Aragon. At 17, she became the wife of Dom Dinis, Portugal's poet king. Isabel was very beautiful and kind. She quietly pursued the regular religious practices of her maidenhood, and was always devoted to the poor and the sick. She later also became known as the Queen of Peace, for her role in reconciling her husband and son, who were in emminent danger of war. Of all her good works, she is probably best loved for the legendary miracle of the roses.

Dom Dinis was unsympathetic to his wife's frequent errands of mercy for the poor and afflicted. Convinced that she was spending too much money on charities, the King forbade her from doing so. Not sure his wife would obey him, he started following her every time she went out to help people in need.

On a cold January morning, Queen Isabel left the castle with her maids. They were all carrying bread and money for the poor people, including Isabel, who carried bread in her lap. She didn't know that the King was following her...

Suddenly the King appeared and shouted at her angrily, "My Lady! What are you carrying in your lap?!!" Isabel felt fearful but answered "I'm carrying roses, My Lord!!" D. Dinis quickly replied "Roses? In January?!! I demand to see!!" As the Queen lowered her lap, beautiful roses cascaded down...

Soon, all the people learned of the miracle of the roses, and the Queen became their saint...

After the King died, Queen Isabel retired to a convent, making a wish to devote the rest of her life to the poor and sick in obscurity. Miracles were said to have followed upon her death, and in 1625 she was canonized by Pope Urban VIII and became Holy Queen Isabel.

18 January 2009

Clark County Antiques Show

Lisa and I had a great time today visiting the Clark County Antiques Show!! We were not planning to go, but then Lisa called me yesterday evening and said "I need to get out of the house"!! So, of course, I was up for it!! It was so much fun visiting with our friends, and we came home with some cool treasures...!! We were feeling thrifty, so all our finds were very inexpensive ~ the best part!

We had a great time visiting with our good friends Joe ~ Barn House and Cindy ~ Tarte, they always put up some beautiful and masterful displays, true eye candy!! See for yourselves!!

We always loooove spending time with our sweet friend Joy! She was there with her sister Terri (left), who made her debut at this show...! Terri, you are doing a great job!

We were very excited to see our friend Susan, her space is always tempting and there are always a ton of things I would gladly take home!!

Here are the beautiful treasures I brought home with me:

... large vintage clear plastic and fabric hatbox ($10)...

... gorgeous vintage landscape oil ($20)...

... darling vintage knitting bags ($5 each!)...

... assortment of fabric covered buttons, vintage lace, tiny forks, millinery flowers, rick rack and crystal knobs (total for everything $22)...

and finally a vintage child's cashing machine ($5)... And it still works!!

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