20 June 2012

Farm Chicks 2012 (part 1)

First, let me start off by saying that our show in Spokane was absolutely amazing!! We sold a ton, saw and met many wonderful friends and had absolutely the best customers ever!! I enlisted the help of my oldest daughter and she was truly invaluable... I don´t know how but somehow we forgot to have someone take pictures of us! After we returned, I was heartbroken when I realized that the memory card that contained 90% of my pictures was lost... All I had were a few snapshots taken with a different card the very next day. Well, I finally found the card (hope is the last thing to die!), at the bottom of a box I had not unpacked yet!! Unfortunately, this was the night before we were leaving for Portugal, so I did not have the time to load them... You will have to wait a bit for more pictures, in the meantime, here is just a taste of what´s more to come!!

(sorry there are no credits, I only had a few minutes to run around and snap some pictures!)

The next two pictures are from my things, the first is a gorgeous cabinet I painted in ASCP (I love how it turned out) and the last picture is from a pillow I made.


I will be back soon to share pictures of our vacation in Portugal... I wish you all a great summer!!!
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