28 May 2011

A trip down Farm Chicks memory lane...

This year will be my fourth year at Farm Chicks... I thought it would be fun to share how my space has evolved through those years...




I hope you will stop by and see me, I will be in booths 199 and 200... The excitement is more than I can bare...!!!

21 May 2011

Objets trouvés

I had a great junking weekend, I found lots of great stuff to take to Farm Chicks (only two weeks away... Yikes!!!)!! My house looks like a disaster, at this point, with a gazillion little projects going at the same time... Still so much to do, but I am feeling good about where I am right now!! As always, not everything I want to accomplish gets done, somethings always have to give... That's life!

(my favorite weekend find...)

I have also tackled a few projects, including this unusual "little big chair"... Love how it turned out!!

... a little paint transformed this wooden tote...

... as did this little cabinet (still needs glass on the door, but cute already)!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!!

16 May 2011

A find

This weekend I brought home this CL find... Natalie, you are the sweetest friend, thank you for the shoutout!!!! The best part about it was the price... The dresser top had a couple of rust stains, so I decided to strip it and stain the wood.... Love the wood accent, now!! This baby is ready for Farm Chicks!

09 May 2011

Doing what I do best...

I have neglected my blog lately, but I had good reasons... Four of them, to be specific! I've been busy being a mom, and supporting my children with school, homework, activities, sports, etc... My daughter Rita and her soccer team have worked really hard these past few weeks competing in the Oregon State Cup. They made it all the way to the finals, but took second place... Not too shabby, I would say!! Nothing compares to the pride and joy I feel as I  witness first hand my children bloom and grow...!!!

(these are not my pictures, they were taken by another parent, and they are awesome, I couldn't help sharing them!)
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