16 November 2009

Fun with decoupage

I found this cool sewing table at a garage sale this summer. I thought it would make a great occasional table, for a living room or a foyer... The top lid was in a not so attractive state, so I decided to have fun with it!! I made color copies of the backs of old postcards, cut them and Mod Podged them to the top and I had an instant transformation!!!

Another project I wanted to try was a mirror makeover I saw on Dawn's blog, The Feathered Nest... The trick is to get an old mirror, spray Easy Off oven cleaner in a random fashion (I chose to do it around the edges) on the side that has the mirror finish, wait about 15 to 20 minutes and wipe off the parts that have been "eaten" by the powerful spray. Then you can have fun decoupaging the back with paper or fabric, so random parts of the mirror will reveal your surprises!!! I really like how it turned out!!!


  1. That mirror turned out really nice Isabel. You are an amazing crafty woman!

  2. Isabel! I love your mirror!! It's beautiful around the edges like that! I had to use paint stripper, easy off and a razor blade...the finish was very stubborn. The table is gorgeous too ~ I love the backs of postcards....beautiful!! xxoo, Dawn

  3. those are both so cool. i love, love, love that mirror!!!! once are the goddess of really good junk transitions!!! lovely both of them.....thanks for the tips....and you too dawn!!

  4. Wow Isabel, That is so neat!!! What a great idea and perfect for already flawed mirrors. Great job:) Kathy

  5. Isabel,

    I love the decoupage piece and the mirror is just fabulous....So many possibilities!

    Scatter Bliss...

  6. tão bonito e q bela ideia, Isabel!
    Tudo de bom.

  7. Hi Isabel!
    That table came out great! A very clever idea! I saw Dawn's mirror project and loved it is on my to do list....Your mirror came out fabulous! I have been looking for just the right mirror....may take a while..but eventually I will get to it!
    Take care, Laura

  8. Hello Isabel

    Absolutely fantastic makeovers. I really like the postcards on the table! You always come up with great things!
    Isabelle x

  9. wow, two great projects. They are fabulous. And to think, I passed up two medicine cabinets with mirrors on Saturday. I won't make that mistake again. Thanks for sharing this idea with us.


  10. Fabulous projects, Isabel - they turned out just wonderful!

  11. So fun! I really love how the mirror turned out!!!

  12. Oh, that mirror is really clever. We have just hatched a plan for a whole collection of mirrors on a dark wall in our home, so I could look out for one to attack!

    I made a stool a bit like your postcard table top and I think they both look great. I used some 1930s photo card cases and was pleased with the result. Postcards would be great to try too!

  13. Those are both gorgeous! Loving the cool mirror idea. Thanks for sharing Isabel!

  14. Oh goodness...fabulous once more. These are so pretty, especially the mirrors. I adore it!

  15. I love how these turned out! I might have to try the easy off thing!

    See ya soon!


  16. Hi Isabel!
    OK, that mirror is fab-u-lous! Love it! And your postcard table, absolutely darling. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  17. Loving that mirror,I could find a home for that in a heartbeat!! Hope you are well,Chrissy

  18. Love the table top, great idea.. and your mirror turned out so pretty.. Love it,, what a great idea,, I will have to try it..
    Have a great week.


  19. I haven't decoupaged in years, but you've inspired me to try it again!

  20. Both makeovers are charming and so original. love them. Blessings!

  21. I love both of these!! They look awesome!

    Love the postcard idea!

    Lou Cinda :)

  22. I am always amazed at all your findings and how you miraculously give them a new look.

    Love the top of that sewing desk!

  23. These are both great projects. So cute both of them. Now to just find the time. Thanks for sharing. k

  24. Wow the mirror is amazing (just come from your last post)- it's come out brilliantly - oooh want one!!!



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