10 January 2009

A tutorial - Vintage Rose Canvas

I really wanted to try something new, this week, so I grabbed a stretched canvas I had laying around and a pretty rose print I got a long time ago from this great ebay seller, and started working on a vintage rose canvas. The first thing I did was cut the white around the print and burn the edges (you could also just tear it), to give it a more aged look.

I placed the print on the canvas and roughly traced it. This is so I could cover the outside area completely.

I grabbed some of my vintage music paper and tore it into small pieces. This will be covering the part of the canvas not covered by the print.

Using Mod podge, collage the pieces in a random fashion making sure to cover the traced lines. Cover the sides, too!

Once you are done, you can the glue your print onto the canvas! But we are not done yet!!

I wanted to give the canvas an aged look, so I purchased a crackle varnish kit from Michaels. It is a clear crackle that can be used on any surface, and the crackles are filled with an antiquing glaze! The crackle kit, called Fragile Crackle, consists of 2 steps. Apply two coats of varnish #1 (let dry between coats) and then one coat of varnish #2. Because the varnish is clear, I found it useful to work under the reflection of a light, so I could make sure not to miss any spot (especially important when you are adding varnish #2...)!!! Wait a few hours (I let it sit overnight) and you are ready for the last step!

Using a faux finish glaze base, add a little burnt umber acrylic paint. Then, using a cloth (or an old sock, like I did), gather some tinted glaze and spread it onto the canvas. Try to get the glaze in all the little cracks, then quickly remove the excess glaze using a clean part of the sock. You're done!! Instead of a rose print, you could use old photos or postcards, magazine illustrations, etc.! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I would love to see what you do...


  1. Looks absolutely fabulous! I just love the rose print...and your step by step instructions are just so nice of you to share!
    I love your blog!

  2. I love the look and oh needless to say pink roses are the best of the best.... Very Pretty...

  3. What a great tutorial, Isabel! I am excited to try this, as I have a few rose prints purchased from ebay also, and I think a couple would really work using your idea. Thank you! By the way, I really like your new hair "do". Your braids looked nice at the Coburg Antique Fair, but the new cut is very flattering :-) ~Leslie

  4. that looks so pretty!!! thanks for the how~to:)

  5. It's beautiful! So vintage and chic! Hugs, Maryjane

  6. That is a wonderful idea! Very pretty. Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to make something like that for my new home!! :)

  7. Really lovely!! Pink roses are my favorites! Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Very Fab!I really loved the look of the Rose with the music paper. Thanks for the show and tell. It is generous when someone shares a creation of theirs with the world. Now that is love.Hope to see you at Monti's soon. Now that roads are decent. Happy Junken trails.

  9. WOW WEE!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I have a canvas all done and ready to go. I just didn't know what to add to it to make it pop. You gave me such an awesome idea. Thanks so much and watch my blog for when I get mine done.
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  10. This art piece looks lovely. I love the crackling you added to age it. The tea cup holder you had your mom send from Portugal was so cool. I have not seen anything like that before.
    Your bucket totes are very pretty. Can't wait to see them in your etsy shop. Junkin' with you has been fun.
    Have a lovely week,

  11. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it Isabel! Gorgwous!

  12. I will have to try this! It turned out beautifully!

  13. Isabel, this is soo precious! Beautiful idea, burning the edges!
    I tried to give the crakle effect on some decoupaged pieces in the past, but it didn't turned out how I would have liked to. Your products seem much better than mine... I'd have to go to Michaels and look for them. Always find soo many beautiful things there!
    I'd like to make a similar canvas, with a copy of one of my paintings instead of a print, and maybe also with prints- and to 'play' a bit!;)) You inspired me a lot!
    ... I'm so happy you started blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful evening,
    Monica x.

  14. This is fabulous. I love the vintage rose canvas.

  15. So pretty, Isabel!
    Your blog is such an inspiration;- keep it coming!!!

  16. Gorgeous! Another use for all of that music paper-never throw a scap away! BTW-I loved your bedroom photos! Very vintage chic!

  17. It turned out so nice! I will want to try this sometime soon. Great tutorial.

  18. What a sweet idea...looks vintage with the crackle on it. I'll have to try that on some cards.
    Too cute!

  19. I love this idea....I may have to try it! What a pretty chic blog...!

  20. Hi Isabel, I'm bestowing to you the Lemonade Stand Award for your positive attitude. See my post today for details.

    Sure was fun yesterday - glad we got together! See you at Clark County! M.

  21. Well that looks like something even I (not crafty at all) could do! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh my goodness...I have had that fragile crackle stuff for soooo long and could never figure out how to use it! DUH is what I am saying to myself! Thank you so much for sharing ;)

  23. This is so beautiful and easy. You did a wonderful job on it!!Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have become a follower so that I can pop in often.


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