21 March 2010

A transformation years in the making...

A little over a year ago, I posted some pictures of my bedroom, but I carefully avoided the windows... I mentioned that there was something ugly I was working on... Well, it has taken me this long to finally be done, and I am very happy with the results!!!

The ugly truth is... Just until a few weeks ago, I still had some really ugly paper blinds on my windows!!! But it gets worse: I've had them ever since we moved in almost eight years ago!!! Can you believe this...??!!! If they got old or torn, we would just buy new ones and replace them!! We live in a fishbowl, so privacy is a real issue, and I could never decide what to do as far as window treatments... I didn't want traditional blinds, then I considered roman shades, but wasn't convinced that was exactly what I wanted... I also considered plantation shutters, but was unsure if I would like the final result.... The agony lasted way too long, I am ashamed to admit!!!!

Then, a few months ago, I found three matching sets of victorian swiss dot sheers... Bingo!!! I had the start of my transformation!!

... Then I stumbled upon these adorable cast iron trellises at one of Tarte 's barn sales...

... I also had a set of golden Cherub hooks to which I gave a whitewash treatment...

... But the icing on the cake was this gorgeous vintage barkcloth I found a while back at Monticello. The set happened to include four pristine panels, exactly what I needed for my windows!!! I used hangers with clothespins (spray painted in cream) to hang them between and at the end of the windows.

For now I used some lace to gather the panels, but I am on the lookout for old rosaries, I think they would make great ties!!


  1. I think it was worth the wait, it all looks beautiful!!! The sheers, the trellis and the stunning drapes!!! The room looks amazing, well done I would say!!!
    Margaret B

  2. Good evening Isabel, the transformation to your living room is simply Devine...I adore the gorgeous rose barkcloth panels!! And those dresses, they are very romantic!! You've done an excellent job, thanks so much for sharing this with us :)

    Warmest, Brenda

  3. i'm moving in with you and you can't stop IT IS GORGEOUS. you inspire me over and over again.
    love it all.

  4. Love your new look. Your room looks like a wonderful sanctuary to go to. Florence

  5. What a gorgeous room! Those curtains are to die for! I found some vintage curtains a while back similar to these and had it made into a throw. Unfortunately after washing a few hundred times the fabric started to fall apart. Your beautiful fabric reminds me of that beloved throw!
    Take care.
    Alabaster Rose Designs & 15 Bella Vie

  6. It definetly was worth waiting! I have come to learn that sometimes things just take their time and it is better to just wait than force it through. Gorgeous detailes. I especially love those little iron cast trellises and the way you have hanged curtains in cloth hangers.

  7. Beautiful! Every inch of it! But i have a question - what amazing treasure is hiding in the armoire?

  8. Beautiful! Love they different way you have hung them and love the cherub hooks.

  9. How beautiful and totally creative!

  10. Isabel, your home is charming! I love the idea of how you used hangers to hang the drapes - clever!


  11. Isabel, wow very pretty.
    Have a good week

  12. Joyce said;
    Very romantic! I LUV how you used hangers and clothes pins! Who would have ever thought to do that. Very clever.

  13. There was a booth at Camas Antiques that had rosary beads last week when I was there ...

  14. What a stunning room! I love the colors, the patterns of the fabrics and your creativity is over the top - perfection! What a treat!

  15. Fabulous! Love the barkcloth and the hangers what a great Idea! definately worth the wait!
    p.s see you this weekend!

  16. This is the most incredible idea I have ever seen for window treatments.... it looks wonderful! How the heck did you get the iron trellis up there? The idea of those adorable angel hooks with the hangers holding each panel curtain is so unique.... I wish I could send you a prize for creativity!

  17. Isabel, they look fantastic, certainly makes a big difference...I love the swiss dot fabric, so sweet!! I think window treatments are the hardest part about decorating..ugh they baffle me! :)

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Did I say gorgeous?
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  19. As a window decorator I have to say that you are a very innovative woman! Kudos to you! Very ispiring for all of us to look outside the box. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Really, Really GREAT repurposing! Sometimes everything just comes together!
    The Red Shed

  21. The hangers and clothespins to hang the panels is soooo very cute and creative. Nice job. come for a visit.

  22. How neat you home is - what a wonderful place to live with. I adore your homes organize. I'm so with you on the curtains...

    Deirdre G


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