13 June 2011

A dream home in the spanish countryside...

 A little french inspiration from my favorite go-to decor site is just what I needed today... The surprise is that this gorgeous home, reminiscent of a centuries old french country farm is actually brand new... And it is not in France, it lies in the breathtaking countryside of Spain...!! Enjoy the European inspiration!!



  1. Oh, it's lovely, Isabel. Very inspiring!

    I hope you're having a beautiful Monday!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. so beautiful! thanks for sharing...

  3. Wonderful! I was lucky I had the chance as a student to visit countryside homes like this one in Northern Spain.

    So glad I chanced upon your blog.
    Very interesting. Will follow!

  4. My heart goes "pitter-pat" when I see an entire home so lovingly decorated. When I came to the photo of the pink twin bed and the little table between with two chairs I envisioned two sweetheart girls doing homework. That's good decorating when the room can create a story.

  5. truly inspirational but i always say, the house in itself just calls for inspiration. the architecture in europe is so unique and filled with different textures and layers. i bet the house would look stunning with just a pair of pillows thrown on the floor. blessings and thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful! I wish I could "borrow" that fabulous floral screen in the bedroom *winks* Vanna

  7. Very nice. I don't live in France or Spain. I live in Ohio. This is great for inspiration but I think I have to get real. No matter how well I decorate it is what it is and I have to stop fighting it and embrace where I am.

    It's kind of like Martha making a fabulous meal out of cut of meat that's about 12.99 a pound. Make a great meal out of a cheap cut of meat and now your talking.

    The photos are lovely :)

  8. I can move in today...what did you say the address was? ; )
    Great post- incredible place.

  9. OOOhhh La la! Tres bon and tres bien!!

  10. I found your website today by accident and was thoroughly in love with it immediately!! I love your taste in everything and you're so creative with all your tutorials. I hope someday to find your store and be able to meet you!

    Kip Mitchell
    St. Pete, Florida

  11. All of the pictures are so pretty but I especially like the bathroom!!

  12. Although I've seen these before, it made my day a little better getting to enjoy them again!
    Happy Weekend


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