01 January 2012

My favorite highlights of 2011

As I revisited some of my favorite blog posts of 2011, I couldn't help but get, yet again, giddy with excitement at the fact that my year started with the incredible honor of being published on Somerset Life...!!! I still have to pinch myself!!

Most of my time this last year was focused on preparing for some of my favorite antique shows...

One of my favorite highlights of the year was, without a doubt, a weekend spent with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world... There is nothing better than spending time with fun, creative, exciting, loving and kind women, who make your life richer and meaningful!!!

I brought you along for some of my favorite visits to my favorite antique mall, Monticello Antiques...

I shared some of my favorite finds...

... And some of my favorite creations...

I loved sharing recipes close to my heart...

... And favorite snapshots of my kids doing what they love...

One of my favorite highlights of this past year was my trip to England... A good buddy, a rented car, a map and a sense of adventure made for the very best of times!!!


Finally, as the year approached its end, I opened up about my inner struggles to find peace in my heart... I was warmed by how loving and empathetic you all were, and realized I was not walking alone in my path to finding my way...

I wish you all a wonderful new year, may it be filled with joy, happiness and prosperity, and sprinkled with love throughout!! 


  1. You had a great year! So many fun things and memories to look back on. My thought is that if we are true to our heart we will always find the right way. Happy New Year,

  2. I hope you have a great 2012! I love your pictures on your blog...and your creations are so delightful.
    thanks for sharing your life in blogland!
    hope our paths cross in this new year...

  3. wow!!! what a fabulous year!!!!!

  4. Isabel, I so enjoyed every minute of your blog and shows this year. Also love the recipes and family photo's. Have a wonderful New Year. Best, Carol

  5. Oh Isabel...your photos are wonderful and highlight a brilliant year! Thanks for sharing all you do and create here with the rest of us. I wish a wonderful and very happy year ahead for you and your family and look forward to seeing what's next! Take care, Laura :)

  6. Darlin'...what you call "snapshots"...I call art. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful images of a life being well lived.

  7. What a year! I have blessed to see you at some of those events, ever so grateful! Hugs! Florence

  8. A peaceful and sparkling new year to you!

  9. Hi
    Have just found your blog and your pictures are stunning. Happy New Year to you.
    Jo xx

  10. Wanted to say merci!!!! I have been getting a ton of traffic from your site which is so nice of you on this week of our magazine launch...
    Love those photos of England - would love to talk to you about those!

    Thank you again. It means a lot to me.
    the Parisienne Farmgirl and her Giveaway Fantastique
    Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine

  11. All wonderful, Isabel! I love each and every pic.
    I happened to re- read your article on Somerset Life the other day, it was truly beautiful and inspired.
    Hugs and thank you ♥

  12. Thanks for the flashback photos...I really loved them!! Can you tell me what issue of Somerset Life you were in? I'd like to find it because I love all of your things!! Happy New Year!!

  13. OOH WEE... I love all your photos... my eyes are spinning... so enjoyable. I'd like to invite you to come and visit me. Happy New Year! xoso Sandy

  14. My first visit to you special space here and its amazing. I know I am going to enjoy many visits. Thanks for sharing. I will follow on my way out and hope you can find the time to come visit me and do the same. I look forward to engaging throughout twenty twelve with you. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  15. After come back from vacations in Uruguay, sharing with family and friends, I found this lovely message and think how fortunate I am to be part of your way, sharing your way...
    Great photos, wonderful findings, but the most of all! The Love you transmit to every single item that fill our life with history in our home!
    Wishing the best for you and family

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I so enjoy and appreciate your comments!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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