28 November 2008

Christmas spirit

I have to admit, sometimes it is really hard for me to get in the holiday spirit until just a few days before... But leave it to some wonderful dealers at Monticello to provide me with some needed inspiration!! I truly envy their display talent and their eye for detail....!! I took the camera to take pictures of my space, but was so taken by everything else that I forgot to do so! Make sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them, and enjoy the visit (I threw in some non-holiday displays for eye candy)!


  1. Love your photos of Monticello - I wish I could be there myself! I know you're trying to "declutter" at home, but did you bring anything back home with you from such a fabulous place?

  2. Hi there! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I am in a Christmas mood, too, and I have to post something about my decorations soon!
    By the way, looooooove those glittered silver and blue birds!!!!!

    Have a great w.e,


  3. OK, my husband and I are planning a date (we love to go antiquing at Christmas time) and this may be the place we go! I loved all the photos you posted! Karen

  4. Hi Isabel, thanks for sharing the holiday pix; love the second pic with the glitter ice skates. Who would have thought! What a cute idea. Do you collect red transfer too. I was blessed to get to purchase my grandmother's12 pc. place settings, platters, and bowls from my aunt's estate (still can't believe my cousin was selling it). I have added pcs. along the way which always makes for more fun tiquing. Hope you have accomplished your list over Thanksgiving. You will have to share some more. blessings, carrell

  5. Hi Isabel~Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. You are too sweet! I collect many different styles throughout my home. There are too many to just love one! Most of them will most likely include the color pink! Your blog is very inspiring...keep up the good work! :)

  6. Just gorgeous photos. Mmmm! Where to start? Love, love double love all the glitter especially on the skates. Debbie

  7. I see what you mean! My booth looks is like impossible to find time (raising 3 boys)to work on my booth.
    These pics are awesome!

  8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of all the fun booths at monticello's. i,ve only been there once, but hope to get some time soon to visit. Enjoy your free time alone.


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