04 December 2008

Fast pillows and new finds

Yesterday, I pulled some of my vintage fabric out and started cutting panels for the sofa pillows I have been wanting to make. Because I have a house full of kids, I always make sure to have pillow covers with openings in the back for easy clean up. But sometimes I am not in the mood (or I don't have the time) to go through all that extra work, so I use a shortcut! I've been doing this for years, and let me tell you, it's so much easier! I went through my closet and found a cute floral button shirt that I haven't used in a long time. Then, using the front part of the buttoned shirt, I cut a piece the size I needed (in this case I had a 20" pillow, so I just added seam allowances). I pinned the two pieces, right sides together, and sewed all the way around. Presto!!! Your pillow is ready!!

If you don't have any cute shirts laying around, make a trip to the thrift store... You will be sure to find something there. I always make sure I am getting 100% cotton or linen, and look for shirts with no pockets or darts. Goodwill and Value Village also offer regularly 50% discounts on certain color tags, so make sure to take advantage of it! Recently, I found a darling linen robin's egg blue shirt and decided it was pretty enough to be the front of the pillow! So, this morning, I had a new pillow in less than 15 minutes!!! It would also be a great use for a favorite shirt you don't want to get rid of....

Tuesday Lisa and I went to an auction... Just the word auction makes me sweat! I am not used to it, I am always afraid I'll waive at someone and they'll take it as a bid, and most times I have no idea what they are saying!! We picked a great day, as they had quite a few antiques, and actually ventured a few bids of our own!! This is what Lisa's car looked like when we returned home...!!

I got this darling vintage doll stroller with cardboard wheels...

... an adorable boudoir doll...

... a box full of vintage umbrellas and parasols...

... and a box full of various things, including three small lead windows, a mirror, a vintage clock case, two sewing machine table drawers and an old radio wood case. We truly had a blast!! Go to Lisa's blog to see her finds!

This weekend we are all headed to Coos Bay, on the coast (a four hour drive). Both Rita and Clara have qualified for the Oregon State Gymnastics Championship this saturday, and are very excited!! We are very proud of them!!


  1. What an amazing idea for a fast pillow cover - you're brilliant! This is something I am definitely going to try.

  2. I'm loving your shirt for the pillow idea. Brilliant! Also, I can't believe what was in that misc. box you got. The leaded windows are to die for. Love it all!



  3. Hi~I stumbled onto your blog! So little time and so much to the pillow idea (brilliant), love auctioning (i know what you mean~sweating!) and congrats to your girls...Wow! I'll be checking back:)

  4. Beautiful finds, Isabel! And love the pillows! I use to make similar ones using old sweaters...!!
    I just managed to do some patchwork ones, too. Please have a look at my latest posts!

    Hope you are having a great w.e,


  5. Yay for your girls!!!

    Those pillows have me grinning :)
    I have never thought to do this...I love buttons on pillows!

  6. Great stuff you won at the auction. I love going, but get kind of freaked out at the same time. Using shirts for pillow backs - pure genius! Thanks for sharing your secrets. Have fun cheering at the gymastic meet.

  7. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  8. Wonderful finds! Love those umbrellas!! I adore the photos of your home!! It is my dream for my home to look like yours!! It is so pretty and romantic and cozy with lots and lots of floral prints and vintage goodies!! All my favorite things!!

  9. That is the best idea! I'm going to be looking at my shirts in a new way now! I love reading your blog. Very inspiring!

  10. YOur pillow idea is one of the best I have ever seen! I am a poor sewer, but make pillows, and agree, they need to be removable and washable. this idea is such a great solution!!!!

  11. Isabel~ The one arena of crafting I have been intimidated by is sewing. After reading this entry on making pillows out of old shirts, I have gotten brave. I asked for a simple sewing machine for Christmas. If Santa comes through, you get credit for adding another venue to my creating repertoire!

  12. Great ideas for the pillows!!

    Barbara Jean

  13. Hi Isabel, thanks for sharing your easy pillows, you're a genius! I think even I might be able to wing this and I don't sew. I'll let you know how it all works out. Sorry I missed you in the fall but I hope to see you at the Farm Chicks if all goes well with our new Canadian show "The Vintage Chicks" comes together for us since it's the weekend following. Hoping one day we're big enough to get all you talented Portland gals to venture up to our show here :) !!
    God bless,


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