17 December 2008

A tutorial : layered lace lampshades

A couple of posts ago, one of the projects I showed you was a layered lace lampshade. It is a simple no sew project and I will show you how easy it is to make it!!! Use any kind of lace, gathered or flat, and simply glue it onto a ready made shade!!

My first step was to pin the layers to the lampshade to ensure that they will be evenly spaced (or you can use a measuring tape to make equal repeats, if you prefer). The top edge of each lace layer should be concealed under the subsequent top layer.

Once I am happy with how the layers look, I make pencil markings at one of the lampshade ribs (the vertical metal bars inside the fabric). I then use the measuring tape to mark out equal markings on the other ribs. These will be the guidelines for placement of the lace.

Then, using a craft glue (I use Aleene's Fast Grab glue), and using the marked lines, glue the lace, layer by layer (note: start from the bottom up, it seems to be easier). Finish off all the layers in the same place, so you can turn that side to the back. I usually overlap the ends by about an inch, and if I think they may unravel I will use some Fray Check.

If your lace layers are a bit out of shape (like mine - I should have pressed them before!), simply spritzer some water and use your fingers to straighten them!! You're done!!

I made another lampshade, this time using a variety of crochet trims. Just pin them in a pleasing arrangement and follow the same steps. It was a bit challenging for me to turn the corners with the trim on this 4-sided lampshade, so I would suggest you starting with a round one! I love the effect you get when you turn the light on!! I apologize for the quality of the pictures, lighting today was pretty poor! If you ever try your hand at making a layered lace lampshade, please take pictures, I would love to see it!

I also finished working on a little dress form I found at GW a while back... I removed the ugly fabric and used my Bella Nonna silk petals to cover it! These are the same petals I used to cover the chandelier shades in my daughters bedroom. I simply used my glue gun and covered the entire dress form (after painting the base and arms white) , petal by petal!!!

Here in the NW things have come to a hault because of a snow storm and icy cold weather. Kids have had no school all week (and we just learned school has been cancelled again for tomorrow...), which is not good news for a late Christmas shopper like me!!!!! I was really counting on getting all my shopping done this week, but I don't think it's going to happen!! So, there has been a lot of snowmen built, a lot of Wii played and a lot of goofing around!! Including dressing up as disco Divas!!

I also let the kids finish putting the decorations on the Christmas tree (we had it all set up, then the tree fell in the middle of the night!!). I used to have full control of this task, but when I realized the kids really enjoyed putting up the decorations, I let them go to town with it!! Surprisingly, it really doesn't bother me if it doesn't look perfect!!

Hum... Maybe I should keep a closer eye on my 5-year old son....!!

We have also been doing a lot of cooking!! And receiving lots of yummy cookies from our neighbors. This was by far our favorite!! It didn't last enough time for me to snap a picture!!!

6-Layer Bars

1 package Graham Crackers (crushed into crumbs)
1 stick butter
1 cup shredded coconut
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup chopped nuts
1 can condensed milk

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Pour melted butter in bottom of 9" x 13" pan. Layer Graham Cracker crumbs and press down firmly. Place in oven for 10 min to set. Then layer the rest of the ingredients in order. Bake for 20-30 min until golden brown. Remove from oven.

Tip: while still hot run a knife around the edge to help loosen bars. Let cool for just 5-10 min, then cut into bars. Enjoy!!


  1. Love your style and all your finds. I have been working on a lamp shade as well, the one with the layers of old lace is my favorite

  2. I'm going to give your idea a try after Christmas. I'm not very good at projects, but I think I can glue! Your kids are a hoot. My kind of fun. Debbie

  3. Ohhh Love the lamp shades.. when lit it is so lovely!!!!! The layered bars are my fave.. I can eat a whole pan by myself over the course of a few days!!! lol!!!
    Love the kiddo in the pic, what a doll!!!
    Happy Hollydaze!!!

  4. Loving the scrubber decoration!
    Your rosepetal lamps are darling. But I have quite a few bits of lace that I think we'll now go on a lampshade~love it!

  5. I love the shade with all different kinds of crochet on it! That one is my favorite!

    My grandson was out of school 2 days this week, went back today! Looks like you guys are having fun though!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  6. WOW WOW WOW! I need some more time to immerse myself in this yuuuummmmmmy post!
    As for the mags... THANK YOU!!!! We'd have to organize owr own private swap someday, uh?!?
    Monica x.
    I'll come back tomorrow to read ALL!

  7. Hi again, Isabel!
    The lampshades are oh, so gorgeous!
    I would like to give this a try- I found an old lampshade yesterday, and I was just wondering how to remake it!
    Surely I'll keep you posted about that!
    And the petal mannequin/lampshades... divine!
    Monica x.

  8. What pretty little lampshades! Have a wonderful holiday!
    xxx-Gina :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love those layered lampshades. What a great idea. I have one lacy lampshade that I did not make and maybe I can try it myself now on another lampshade. Great blog!

  10. LOL!!! The disco get up is cracking me up!!! And the bath scrub brush on the tree is a riot!! hehehehehehehhehehehehehehe!

    Have a lovely Christmas, Isabel. Thank you, too, for your friendship this past year.

    All the best for you and yours,

  11. Oh, and those lampshades are gorgeous!!!!!!! Your home is fabulous! Just fab!!!


  12. We love your style and creativity and how you used the Bella Nonna Petals. In fact, we'd like to feature your blog and your work with the petals in our newsletter. What do you think?

    Thanks for your creative inspiration!
    Bella Nonna Design Studio


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