15 January 2010

No means I love you....

We've had a lot of stumping up the stairs lately.... The culprit? My temperamental 6 year old son. He has a really hard time accepting the word no. Unfortunately, he gets to hear it quite often...

"No, you can't have ice-cream before bedtime..."
"No, I don't think it's a good idea to sled down the stairs head first..."
"No, you can't use that sharp knive to cut the apple..."
"No, you are not to use the ceiling fan blades in your bedroom (he has a bunk bed, therefore the reach...) to dry your underwear..."
"No, you cannot attach the wagon to your bycicle with scotch tape..."
"No, you cannot jump on top of mommy's car..."
"No, I don't think that umbrella will make a good parachute..."

You get the picture! Everytime he hears the word no, he gives me the dirtiest look, holds his breath until his face is red, and stomps up the stairs. So, it was no surprise to me when, one day, he came back downstairs to deliver me a note:

May I draw your attention to the little face on the top right side of the paper... What a stinker!!!

One day, my son told me I could not enter the kitchen, as he was making something for me. To my surprise, he presented me with this bigger-than-life creation... I was elated and touched! How sweet was that!!! I made plans to proudly display it in the refrigerator...

What a wonderful sweet-hearted child of mine... Until the next time I said no! He grabbed this wonderful piece of art, which had warmed his mother's heart, made sure our eyes were locked, then proceded to tear it into little pieces....


  1. Oh, I so hear ya! My daughter is 5 and she has learned some attitude from kindergarten. When I say "No", she puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head back and forth with a little wiggle. I'm sure you can picture it can't you? They can be such angels but then I think in my case she devil comes out. Good luck with yours, just know you got a friend over here!


  2. I so enjoyed reading this post . . . it was great!!! I know exactly what you are talking about :) . . . liz

  3. Oh, dear! You just keep on keepin' on. And hopefully, some good artwork will survive! ~Mindy

  4. gotta love a child with spirit!

  5. My little guy, 7, will do the same thing. If he gets in trouble, he will go and get something he made for me and ask me if I want him to throw it away..or he'll say "I'm gonna rip up that picture I made for you"...Hmm...where on earth do they learn these little things?

  6. Aren't kids the best?:) I hope you are documenting all of this so he can read all about it when he gets old enough to have his own little crumb cruncher. That is what I did.
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. Oh my a strong will, some are silent and some are very expressive. The unconditional love sure comes into play here, I think. Hugs to you mom. Florence

  8. Kids are hilarious! Mine are 22 and 18 now but I surely remember those days. My son once told me I sometimes made him dammit mad!

  9. They grow up so fast. I am sure this is really for the sake of our sanity, if childhood lasted longer we mighht not make it! Haha! Loved your story, what a creative little boy, loved that face on the top of the paper, CLASSIC!

  10. Ah You will survive and so will they. As my dad always told my mother, "Someday they will all be forty" and let me tell you it comes all too soon.

  11. Ah yes, I wish I could tell you it gets better but my son is 8 and still doesn't like the word "No". :)

  12. I can so relate! Getting to meet him brings this story to life for me even more! What a little stinker!

    Oh, and you can tell your little cutie that I did show my boys the pictures I took of him in his costume and they thought he was SO COOL!


  13. Ouch! (but it is within the realm of normal, sigh)

  14. Oh do I remember the days. You have to love them with a strong heart some days. All the best of JOY through the tears.

  15. Oh Isabel. I so relate. All these little tests of our love can be a bit, more than a bit, hard to handle.

  16. Aaaahhhh...gotta love kids. :-)

    My niece is 5 and I get the mild version of what she gives her Mom when hearing the word "No". LOL


  17. ohhhh lol!!! So funny Isabel. I go through similar drama with my son. When you figure out the answers let me know ok?? lol!!
    xo Heather


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