19 January 2010

Objets trouvés


  1. So pretty! I love the union
    suit! I have a pair of lace
    lampshades, like the 2nd
    ones. They have silk linings,
    but the silk is disintegrating
    as we speak.

  2. Oh just love all those great photos of beautiful things....


  3. Of all those pretty photos, the one that made my heart beat fastest was that phenomenal children's vintage wallpaper! I hope you got a lot of it!

  4. Such yummy, yummy stuff!!!! I just love it all...your taste is wonderful dear friend....xxoo, Dawn

  5. So beautiful!! What is that white ruffle-y thingy in the 4th picture?? And is that shelf liner I see?? I'm local so maybe I'll come by. I'm assuming they are in your booth? Sorry about so many questions! :o)


  6. once again i am oooohing and aaaahing so much that i might need to go eat a cookie. i've burned that many calories just drooling over all your pretty things. THEY ARE ALWAYS SOOOOO CHARMING. thanks for the post.

  7. Every one of these is a gem! So beautiful. xoxo Lidy

  8. what a wonderful visit i am having here with you! i've read many posts, feasting on pictures of your creations, your lovely things! i am so naive about htese things. bark cloth...i just never knew what the fabric was called but i know i have always loved it. and what you do with it?!? wow if i had one tenth of your obvious ability to plan and execute you creative ideas i would be thrilled! i dream but don't do :(

    the post about your son was so funny! not so funny when it is going on though i know.

    the where i create post showing your room and your sewing creations was amazing to go through. you are very good at whatever you do it seems.

    it was really fun to be here today isabel :)

  9. Blissful eye candy... Thanks!!

  10. There were several beautiful treasures in that ensemble I was seriously admiring!

  11. Oh my. You have the most wonderful eye and style.

    I'll take that pink headboards and the wall paper and the fabric and the prom dress.
    Thank you ;o)

    So pretty to see what you post!!!

  12. oh that just made my heart sing!

  13. Love your treasures! The fabrics are especially pretty...


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