01 January 2010

Resolutions Schmesolutions!!!

I am not good with resolutions.... Last year I was determined to lose weight. A year later, I am not a pound lighter... I also thrived to simplify and organize. Well, let's say "it's a work in progress"... Slow progress, that is!! I do not want to sound negative, but I am a little bit done with setting goals and failing at them... If I could pick a resolution, this year, it would be to be more like Lisa Kelly, from "Ice Road Truckers"!! If you can drive a big rig over the icy roads of Alaska, and still look this cute doing it, then you are definitely my kind of girl!!!

So, this year, I am not setting any resolutions, maybe just a desire, an ambition: to love my life fully. To let go of the petty things, to embrace the little pleasures, to be present. To have a full heart. To be thankful. To work at it every single day!!! And definitely to still love myself when I fail to do so...!!!

I wish you all a wonderful new 2010!!!


  1. I am with you, girl!
    Resolutions put a lot of pressure on people. I made a few that are silly.
    I figured the serious things I need to work on, just need to happen on their own. I don't want to be held accountable to a little list I made.
    I just love your blog. Talk about eye candy. Wow!

    Happy 2010 to you and your family.

  2. I think you have said it right and I am with you all the way. Resolutions are always broken it seems. I like to set goals but I can't be hard on myself if I don't make them. Hugs Florence

  3. Im horrible about making resolutions and so I havent really done so in years. But this year Ive set a few. I like yours.. its sort of similiar to mine.. just to find something enjoyable about my life each day.
    Happy new Year!

  4. It sounds like some great things to strive for Isabel! Hope this year is full of blessings!

  5. I like your attitude. We put so much pressure on ourselves that we end up stressed out and not paying attention to the things that really matter. Best wishes for 2010, Annette

  6. You are wonderful Isabel! Happy New Year!!! xo, Laurie

  7. Isabel--Just read your last two posts. You just plain amaze me with your photos and writing, taking care of mall booths and your family. Anyway I am inspired and anxious to see your wall tomorrow when I come in. Happy New Year.


  8. Happy New Year! I agree no resolutions for me either! (although I did start my diet today?) I read some of your earlier posts and you have had an amazing life. I feel so boring born and raised in Seattle, have only been to Canada, calif, nevada and oregon.I guess That's whats so great about blogland you can see the world through the eyes of others like yourself.
    Thanks Isabel for a wonderful trip!
    Todays country Store
    hope to see you in the new year!

  9. Beautifully stated... I hope you had a great day.


  10. I like you just the way you are!!!!
    Margaret B

  11. Beautifully Spoken! Resolutions were designed to unconsciously sel-sabotage. That being said, Cel and I love to visit your blog, we've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog...and so glad we met at Farm Chicks and Barnhouse. Blessings to you and your family for 2010. Glad & Celia/Junebug

  12. That was so lovely. I love that additude. If you are still interested in losing weight though, I found an amazing website that helps you count calories for free. It is

    It is a database with foods, you just click what you ate. You put in your workouts as well, and it tells you how much you need to eat in order to lose or maintain. The part I especially like is it has graphs that show if you are low in any vitamins or anything. I have been doing it since the end of October and have lost about 10 pounds. I love the supportive community, and it is nice to have a lot of people to bounce ideas off of, and get motivated by. It does require time to measure/chart your food, but I think it is pretty simple once you get started. It has been so worth it for me. I think you are gorgeous just how you are though, sorry for the ramble, I am just so in love with it!

  13. Happy New Year Isabel! I'm with you, I don't do resolutions. Wishing you a wonderfully blessed no resolution breaking new year. I always love visting you!

  14. Happy New Year Isabel -

    I love watching ice road truckers and have wondered how Lisa does it.

    You are a wonderful lady and I hope you have a great year.

    Blessings - Christa

  15. Love your list of desires. No resolutions for me, only a word "JOY" to remind me each day to experience more joy in my life.

  16. I heard someone say to make them commitments and not resolutions and I heard that they are made to be broken. Your attitude is a good one as you head out into this new year.
    Have a good one.

  17. Douce année***

    un baiser de France


  18. Happy New Years Isabel
    Julie, Kindred Roses

  19. You took the words right out of my mouth! Seriously! I feel the exact same way.

    Happy New Year!



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